From Nanette Asimov’s article for the San Francisco Chronicle:

Next week’s scheduled speech by right-wing pundit Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley is off — for now — because campus officials say they won’t be able to protect participants from rioting if it should happen.

“We have been unable to find a safe and suitable venue for your planned April 27 event featuring Ann Coulter,” vice chancellors Scott Biddy and Stephen Sutton emailed the student groups co-hosting the event — the Berkeley College Republicans and BridgeUSA — Tuesday evening.

Hey, here’s a great idea, Vice Chancellors Biddy and Sutton:  announce that free speech exists at Berkeley, and there will be police on hand to arrest anyone who tries to illegally impede it.

But you knew you could do that, didn’t you.

This cancellation is not because Ms. Coulter’s speech cannot go on as scheduled.  It is either because you and the people around you are abject cowards knuckling under to the academic brownshirts who clearly are running your school, or because you are as willing to quash anyone who dares to have opinions the academic brownshirts don’t want heard as they are.

Maybe both.

Berkeley is dead.  And people like you are the undertakers.


  • What will happen when the conservatives get tired of being shut down [shut up] and decide to do the same thing to liberals???
    Will that be the end of free speech???
    Will the people in charge just sit back and let every debate be shut down???

  • Free speech is alive and well at Berkeley after all.

    Leftists Call For the Beheadings of Berkeley College Republicans
    Various pieces of campus property have been vandalized with death threats against BCR. The graffiti, which has been found in spaces like the Unit 1 Housing sign and a pole by Crossroads, includes messages such as “KILL BCR,” “BEHEAD THE B.C.R.’s” and “LYNCH the B.C.R.’s.”

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