The left is having a collective apoplexy over something Donald Trump did.


This time it is the note he left at Israel’s “wailing wall”, which they are comparing to what Barack Obama left when he visited the wall.

Let me show you them both.

First Barack Obama’s note:

Barack Obama's note at Yad Vashem

Now Donald Trump’s:

Donald Trump's note at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial.

Do you have a problem with either of these notes?

Personally, I don’t.  But if I did, my problem would be with the boilerplate speech Barack Obama put up, compared to what looks for all the world as a “this is what I would say, not what someone wrote for me” note from Mr. Trump.

Trump said it was an honor to be there, he was among friends, it was amazing, and ended with “Never forget” – which has great meaning to Jewish people.  This is a problem?

Tell you what:  let’s compare Barack Obama’s icy-cold treatment of Israel for 8 years, and enormous dislike of its Prime Minister – who he oversaw the expenditure of $350,00 in taxpayer money to defeat in Israel’s last election (this is the same Barack Obama who decries interference in another country’s elections????) to Donald Trump’s attitude toward Israel and warmest-of-warm relations with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Now tell me again about the two notes.

The left’s hatred of Trump seems to be moving from pathological to borderline insane.  And most mainstream media are, at least so far, going along for the ride.

I hope they’re happy with the legacy this will leave them.

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  • The Fake News [lies, fraud] from the msm is really bad.
    But taking these notes out of the wall is reprehensible.
    Who do they think they are????

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