Remember my blog about racial and ethnic groups at Dartmouth College making overtly racist demands of the school and threatening “physical action” if they were not agreed to? (If not, you can read all about it by clicking here).

Remember my blog about Dartmouth caving into those demands and promising 31 million dollars towards achieving those demands? (Click here to see for yourself)?

Well the groups making those demands are not happy with the extent of the cave-in.  (Are obnoxious twits like this ever happy?  About anything?)  They don\’t think it is enough.

From Katharine Timpf of campusreform.org, we have this…in the form of excerpts from a campus-wide email sent by aforementioned obnoxious twits:

Werealize your message is unrelated because after a careful reading ofyour message we were not able to find points relevant to the FreedomBudget proposal.  

“You have merely recounted already in-place initiatives without addressingour primary concerns.

“Weare sure that you would never intentionally use a back-handed tacticto diminish public dialogue or response (such as responding to theFreedom Budget the day before finals and on the day The Dartmouthstops production for the term).”

“Weeagerly await your real response in The Dartmouth and hope you have awonderful break”.

Allow me to suggest here, what I suggested in the first of my previous blogs:

If the President and trustees of Dartmouth had any integrity, scruples or just plain common sense, they would very publicly reject this letter, and demand that the “students” who wrote it identify themselves and explain how turning an Ivy League school into a microcosm of North Korea improves it for anyone at all – them included.

They would also demand a definition of what “physical action” means – with a warning that any student who does any damage to any part of the school will be summarily, permanently, expelled from it.

But don\’t expect any of this to happen, folks.  We\’re talking about Dartmouth College, an enlightened, high-end Ivy League school.  Therefore it is an excellent bet that they are going to take this idiot\’s delight of a letter seriously. 

Boy do I hope I am wrong about this….. 

And what I said about the school\’s cave-in at the end of the second blog:

Are Phil Hanlon and Martin Wybourne stupid?  You would inherently think otherwise, them running an Ivy League school and all.  But this pretty much speaks for itself, doesn\’t it?

Can they possibly be so uncomprehending as to not see that the demands for specific quotas being made by these obnoxious twits – as an override to trifling little components such as accomplishment and free choice – are the antithesis of “diversity”?  Evidently not. 

Evidently, they are so scared of being called racists by a bunch of cowards hiding their identities (just in case someone in the Dartmouth hierarchy decides to treat this as the disgrace it is and comes after them, no doubt), that they are willing to be their racist complicitors.  “We\’ll do anything you ask…just don\’t call us names, we can\’t take it.”  

It is hard to tell who is more pathetic:  the “students”, or hanlon and wybourne.  Call it a tie.

I pity any parent who pays for their child\’s Dartmouth education.  And I pity any Dartmouth student who thinks he/she is getting one.

I just can\’t wait for round three – which, based on the above, will be a new, higher, amount of money promised for the purpose of institutionalizing racism at Dartmouth, for the obnoxious twits to judge.

Asking the parents of Dartmouth students:  So, how do you feel about paying all that money to have your children “taught” that demands such as these make sense, and must be satisfied?  

If you think this is just great, then enjoy writing those checks.  But if you don\’t, maybe now would be the time to SAY something.

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