For decades, through both Democrat and Republican administrations, we have had a policy that if Cubans trying to escape the hellhole that fidel and raul castro created for them could make it to the United States, they would be granted asylum.

A week before leaving office, and without any prior notice, Barack Obama summarily ended this policy – leaving an unknown number of Cubans fleeing castro in limbo.

Obama’s reason for doing this?

“By taking this step, we are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries.”

That so, Mr. Obama?  How do you think Cubans could leave the communist regime that devastated and impoverished its country?   By booking air flights and leaving freely?  This was the ONLY WAY they could get out, and you screwed them.

And mainstream media’s reaction to the screwing Cubans got?  Virtually non-existent.  There were virtually no anguished outcries, virtually no outraged editorials or commentaries, no protests of any kind by “the people” demanding free access for refugees trying to get here.

Now, fast-forward two weeks.  We have Donald Trump implementing a temporary – not permanent – travel ban on people from seven of the most repressive, terrorist-laden countries on earth, until significant vetting takes place.  NOT a ban on Muslims, since Muslims from every other country remain free to come and go, but a ban on those seven countries only.

Anguished outcries – especially from the self-impressed Hollywood crowd?  Ongoing and continuous.  Outraged editorials and commentaries?  Non-stop.

Protests?  Organized in cities and at airports around the country, by the same groups that organize protests on just about everything that might be construed as putting our country first.

One other thing:  the only poll I have seen on this so far – which specifically asks whether people support a refugee ban, is from Quinnipiac – which we know is not biased in favor of Trump (e.g. days ago, it put out a poll showing Trump with only 36% approval – at the same time, Rasmussen had him at 59%.  That’s not exactly acting as a Trump rooting section).

In the Quinnipiac poll, which was conducted three weeks ago, a pluralilty supported a refugee ban – 48% to 42%.

If the above result is true of the general population, would it be fair to say that President Trump’s executive order has at least some support?  That there are two sides to this story?

Now try to find a two-sided outlook in media coverage.

It will be every bit as hard as trying to find a reason Donald Trump – or anyone else – should trust these non-journalistic partisans.

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