Ken Berwitz

Congratulations are in order.

As I type this, Chicago\’s “Magnificent Mile” – the city\’s major shopping street – is virtually closed on one of the busiest sales days of the year,  because thousands of protesters, led by Jesse Jackson, have shut it down, demanding “Justice for Laquan”.

What this will do to get “Justice for Laquan (McDonald)”?  Nothing.  

What it will to to exasperate and infuriate untold numbers of Black and White shoppers trying to take advantage of today\’s sales? Plenty.

What it will do to hurt the stores, maybe cause some layoffs of employees – again, both Black and White?  Plenty.

What it will do to polarize people\’s racial attitudes and create outrage based on skin color?  That is likely to be the greatest “accomplishment” of all.

Way to go, Jesse.  Mission accomplished.

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