Just two days ago, I posted a blog titled CNN:  POURING MORE GAS ON THE FERGUSON FIRE.

In it, I referenced a story posted at CNN\’s web site by Ray Sanchez, which did everything it could to keep racial tension at a fever pitch. 

The final part of the blog was this:

Let me end by reminding you that news venues do best when there is a hot story they can cover for days and months.  Is this a case of CNN trying everything it can to keep this a hot story – even if it means stoking the flames of racial violence?

I wish I could say the answer to that question is no.  But I can\’t find a reason to believe it.

In that connection, here is the current lead story at CNN:

Ferguson protesters call for nationwide walkout

Just how bad does CNN want this?

Just how far are its people willing to go as a Public Relations arm of these so-called “protesters”?

Just how responsible with they feel if this blows up again?  Or do they give a damn about the lives which will be affected?

What disgraces they are.

One other thing:  I watched a few minutes of “Morning Joe” today, and saw/heard a tirade from Joe Scarborough that, I assure you, will be talked and written about. The only reason I am not blogging about it immediately is that I hope to put up a transcript so you can see his exact words.  Either way, however, it will be up before the day is out.

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