Ken Berwitz

For years, we have been treated to the steady ratatat of  “journalists” assuring us that 97% of the scientific community believes in “anthropogenic climate change” (that\’s a big word meaning “caused by humans”….and, yes, the term used to be “athropogenic global warming”, until proponents…including many recipients of large government grants to study it…realized that global warming has not taken place for a long time).

But that 97% appears to be fraudulent.

Want evidence?  Ok.  Click here.  Or here.  Or here.  

There is, however, a 97% figure that appears to be real….at least to the extent that any political poll is real.

The latest polling data on this subject, from Fox News, shows that when people are asked to name the most important issue facing the country today, climate change generates all of 3% mentions – which means 97% consider other things more important.  

And before you scream bias, be aware that Fox\’s polling is done jointly by a Republican and a Democrat pollster.  (Try and find that at NBC, CBS or ABC).

From this, I conclude that a 97% claim may be real…..just not the 97% claim which all that grant money is being handed over to prove.

Oh, one other thing.  If you think this blog was written because I am an apologist for the oil industry, think again.  I am not.  Not even close.  Our home has had one form or another of solar energy for over 35 years (that is NOT a typo), and we converted from oil heat to gas.

This blog was written because I value both sides of the story being heard, so that people can make intelligent decisions.  No other reason.

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