I just watched the beginning of NBC – New York\’s local news show.

One of its first stories was that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie\’s poll numbers had taken a major tumble (I don\’t recall the exact words being used, but it was meant to suggest that he had really gotten creamed).

Then they showed the actual data.  Christie\’s approval rating was 50% and his disapproval was 40%.  It turned out that this was only a 9% drop from two months ago — during which time mainstream media, led by NBC and its sister network, MSNBC – relentlessly pounded him almost every day.

This is bad?  If those poll numbers are correct, I\’d say it was remarkably good.

But keep hacking away at him, guys – even though, after all this time, you still have not come up with any evidence directly linking him to the lane closings.  No one can say you aren\’t giving it everything you\’ve got.

Everything except neutral journalism, that is….

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