Ken Berwitz

No, they are not an item.
But they did both lie to us in the recent past, and it is worth comparing how our wonderful “neutral” media handled each lie.
Ben Carson said that, other than making a couple of speeches at their events, he had no involvement with Mannatech, a pharmaceutical company with some shady dealings that caused it to pay out millions in restitution.  That was a lie.  And media are having no problem letting us know about it today – even conservative media.
Hillary Clinton was found to have lied to our faces about what caused the Benghazi terror attack.  She told us the lie about a video being the cause, at the same time she told her own daughter that it was an al-qaeda-like group.  And media have no problem telling us not that she was found out to be a blatant liar, but that she emerged from that hearing in triumph.
There\’s your comparison.  How do you like it?  

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