Big news.

It almost happened.  Barack Obama almost something truthful about ObamaCare.

While being interviewed by WebMD (another of the seemingly countless interviews he has given trying to sell ObamaCare to a public that clearly does not want it) Mr. Obama said the following:

“Forthe average person, many folks who don\’t have health insuranceinitially, they\’re going to have to make some choices. And theymight end up having to switch doctors, in part because they\’resaving money”

Credit where credit is due:  look at how much closer President Obama came to finally being honest.  

-He admitted that “many folks” (well understated but technically true) “might” (not “might”, Mr. President, but “will”) end up having to switch doctors.

-But, quickly reverting back to form, he then claimed the reason, for some, was that they were saving money. 

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!  Beulah the buzzer kicks in on that one.

The reason those folks have to switch doctors is not to save money – even if in some (by no means all) cases ObamaCare doctors might cost less.  The reason is that their doctors are not available through ObamaCare.  Therefore, if they want to be on the ObamaCare system, they cannot have them regardless of cost.

It is a sad day when the President of the United States makes a partly honest, partly distorted, partly dishonest comment like that…and it is an improvement over his usual honesty level. 

But that is what we have.  That is what we elected, and then re-elected.

We have no one to blame for Barack Obama but ourselves.  And that is 100% truthful.

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