On one level my heart goes out to April Ryan, a commentator for American Urban Radio Networks.  Ms. Ryan was on “Morning Joe” today, and was asked a very simple question:  other than Iran and Cuba – both enemies of the USA and the free world in general – is there any other country in the world that we have better relations with now than we did when Barack Obama became President.

Her answer?  No answer.  She couldn’t come up with even one – as you can see on the video tape I pulled from Mark Finkelstein’s blog at newsbusters.org:


The reason April Ryan can’t name one is very basic.  It is because there isn’t one.

The clip ends with Ms. Ryan in the process of trying to divert away from the question – which is understandable given the support her network shows President Obama.  Not especially honest or forthcoming, but understandable.

It would be nice if some of the mainstream media venues which have buried the Obama administration’s unbroken string of foreign policy disconnects, failures and outright disasters, would try acting like journalists and discuss this reality.

But, after over 6 years of running cover for Obama & Co., I’m not expecting it.  Why should I?


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