Didn’t Governor Andrew Cuomo cause enough elderly, sick New Yorkers to die in nursing homes?  Do New Yorkers also have to die because he made the restrictions on vaccine usage so ridiculously limiting that some of it sat unused until it had to be tossed in the garbage?

From Dana Rubenstein’s article in the (usually pro-Cuomo) New York Times, we have this:

Across New York State, medical providers in recent weeks had the same story: They had been forced to throw out precious vaccine doses because of difficulties finding patients who matched precisely with the state’s strict vaccination guidelines — and the steep penalties they would face had they made a mistake.

On Saturday, state health officials responded to the outcry over discarded vaccines by again abruptly loosening guidelines as coronavirus cases continued to rise.

A spokesman for the state health department said the new guidelines are the culmination of a weekslong process.

“This guidance lays out and clarifies what we have been discussing with hospitals for weeks regarding how to maximize their doses to make sure that no vaccines are wasted,” said the spokesman, Gary C. Holmes. “We want no confusion and want to make sure that everyone understands the procedures.”

Don’t you love that last paragraph?  Hey, we’ve been discussing this for weeks to make sure that no vaccines are wasted….says me, after the vaccine has been wasted.

Amazingly, some people out there still are of the impression that, because Andrew Cuomo was very articulate and seemed in control of things during his daily briefings, he must have been doing a great job for New York during this pandemic.

The truth is he has been a disaster for New York – most egregiously for the thousands and thousands of elderly, sick people who died because he mandated that nurshing homes had to take COVID-19 patients; they were forbidden from even checking to find out whether new or existing patients had COVID-19 so an attempt could be made to isolate them from the homes’ general populations.

But his decimation of of restaurants and their associated industries (food production, delivery, paper goods, equipment, etc) was right up there too.  And now New York is throwing out what was perfectly good vaccine because of another awful misstep.

The sooner New York is rid of Cuomo, the better.

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