I was just watching a little bit of “Cinderella Man”, the excellent Ron Howard movie about James J. Braddock – as improbable a world heavyweight champion as we ever have had – and realized that either I am so removed from boxing, or boxing has become so inconsequential (probably both) that I do not even know who the current heavyweight champion of the world is.

I assume there is a heavyweight champion.  I assume he fights challengers.   And I assume the papers report the result of those fights.  But I don\’t remember the last time I read about one of them.

I could easily find out who the heavyweight champion is, of course; five seconds of google would accomplish that.  But I have decided not to.  I wouldn\’t know who he is, who he has fought, and really don\’t care.

Truth is, even when I was very interested in boxing (quite a few years ago), I recognized that its premise was ugly – one man (or female these days) trying to beat another senseless for money.  Eventually my interest waned, and is now hovering between infinitesimal and nonexistent.

I feel about boxing the way I feel about cigarette smoking.  It is a free country and people can do it, or watch it, if they want.  But I would be perfectly happy if it would just go away.

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