Today is an anniversary.  It marks five years since Barack Obama signed the so-called “stimulus package” into law, on the way to putting us 7 trillion more dollars into debt.

Do me a favor and keep the champagne corked –  unless you think that 7 trillion more dollars of debt is worthy of a celebratory toast, that is.

To commemorate this anniversary (so to speak), Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is issuing a video today about the “stimulus package” and what it has “accomplished”.  In case you\’re wondering how he feels about it, here – via Jose Delreal\’s article at – is a partial transcript:

Ifyou recall five years ago, the notion was that if the governmentspent all this money – that, by the way, was borrowed – thatsomehow the economy would begin to grow and create jobs. Well, ofcourse, it clearly failed.

 “Five years later,underemployment is still too high, the number of people that havedropped out of the workforce is astounding, unemployment remainsstubbornly high and our economy isn\’t growing fast enough – proofthat massive government spending, particularly debt spending, is notthe solution to our economic growth problems.

Here\’swhat would be a solution: A vibrant free enterprise economy and apeople with the skills and the education needed to take up those jobsthat a vibrant free enterprise economy would create. That\’s whatour policymakers should be focused on – policies that bring our TaxCode, our regulations and our massive $17 trillion debt undercontrol.  Sadly, that\’s not what we\’re gettingfrom the White House, that\’s not what we\’re getting from thisadministration.”

Well said, Mr. Senator.  Personally, I think you make lots of sense.

But others may not feel this way.  You, of course, are perfectly free to ignore Mr. Rubio\’s observations and believe President Obama and his Democrat cohorts instead.  Illustratively:

-You can smile happily as President Obama brags that he cut the national deficit in half (a blatant lie, since it was he who raised to where he is reducing it from: our lowest deficit under President Obama is dramatically more than our highest under President Bush).   

 -You can clap your hands as he brags about getting unemployment down – from the 10% it rose to under his administration back down to the mid-6\’s – and ignore the fact that, if the millions and millions of people who have just plain given up looking for work are added in, unemployment is actually closer to his 10% high.

-And you can jump for joy as he brags about 3% GDP growth – as if, after 5 years of stagnation, this were anything more than a dismal underperformance.

So?  Which is it?  Is President Obama or Senator Rubio making more sense?

You decide.

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