Earlier this month I referenced an article at, which listed out 11 anti-war movies – most of them anti-USA (the two can be mutually exclusive but, for the most part, not in Hollywood) – about Iraq and Afghanistan.  Every one was a box office flop.  Total losses?  In the hundreds of millions.

By contrast…

…American Sniper was put into general release on January 16th.  Going into this weekend, shows that it has done about $26,000,000 internationally….which would look spectacular were it not for the fact that its domestic gross is $154,097,000, which is setting – make that blowing away – all-time records for a January general release.

If the estimate of another $61.2 million for this weekend is true, or anywhere near close to being accurate, it will mean that a little over one week American Sniper will have grossed more – domestically alone – than every one of those 11 anti-war/usually anti-USA movies combined.

There is a lesson in there for Hollywood.  A very, very expensive one.  I wonder if Hollywood is capable of learning it.

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