I\’ll make this short and to the point.

Last year, Dominique Sharpton, al sharpton\’s daughter, sprained/twisted her ankle due, she claims, to an uneven sidewalk, while walking down the street in New York\’s SoHo district (where my wife and I were last night, by the way).  The

She thereupon sued the city of New York for $5 million, on the grounds that her ankle sprain/twist caused grievous permanent injuries.

It probably will be hard to collect that $5 million, though….because  since her grievous permanent injuries occurred she has put up instagrams of herself during a mountain climbing expedition – pictures New York city lawyers have warned her not to delete (which, at this point, would not matter, since I have no doubt they were saved by those same lawyers).

But just in case they didn\’t, here is a little montage put together by London\’s Daily Mail, from her expedition, with a friend, to Red Rock Canyon, Nevada — after filing suit.

Dominique Sharpton, 29, posted pictures of herself and a friend climbing at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

Call me a hopeless pessimist but, assuming those pictures are for real, somehow I can\’t help thinking they have the potential to damage her chances in that lawsuit.

But all is not lost.  Maybe she can organize a protest march.  “No $5 million, no peace”.

I would end this blog by sarcastically commenting “how proud her father must be”….except I suspect he really is.

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