Ken Berwitz

Brent Budowsky writes commentary for thehill.com.  Here are the first two paragraphs of his latest column:

When I was growing up in New York, I wanted to be aprofessional boxer, but was smart enough to know that if I entered the ringwith Muhammad Ali – then heavyweight champion of the world – they\’d have tobring out the smelling salts within seconds and the ambulance would soon arriveto cart me away on a stretcher!

Republican presidentialcandidate Donald Trump should consider such thoughts as he ponders his plan togo mano a mano against Bill Clinton, the most popular living former presidentand the heavyweight champion of American politics today. So might Sen. Ted Cruz(R-Texas), who is widely despised among his GOP Senate colleagues, could wellbe defeated for reelection to the Senate from Texas and runs for president asthe “Trump Lite” candidate. Bill Clinton is the heavyweight championof American politics because his presidency is fondly remembered as a time whenthe nation was blessed with rising prosperity and tens of millions of new jobsand a widespread optimism that America was on the right track and tomorrowwould be better than today.

A quick question for you, Brent.

You may recall that Bill Clinton “the heavyweight champion of american politics today…because his presidency is fondly remembered….etc. etc. etc.”, campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2008.  

Uh….how\’d that work out?

I\’ll wait for your answer.

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