A good many of our mainstream media now tell us that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s unpopularity (the latest polls show him at an astoundingly low 12% approval) is because, at least until a couple of days ago, he seemed willing to deal with President Trump.

That is another media lie.

Want to see the “progress” of Mr. Nieto’s unpopularity?  Here it is, via the tracking research which has been conducted by the Mexican newspaper Reforma, since he took office:

The president's latest approval rating.

President Nieto took office in December, 2012.  So this covers almost the entire time he has been President.

As you can plainly see, the trajectory has been downward for almost four years.  And its pace accelerated during 2016 – BEFORE Donald Trump won the nomination, let alone the presidency.

But, you might say, the fact that it has dropped like a rock since December shows his willingness to talk to Donald Trump was the reason.

Wrong again.  According to Reforma, the reason is that an increase in fuel prices took effect January 1.

But even if Trump did have something to do with it, the fact remains that Nieto’s decline is the continuation of a four year trend, which started before anyone had the slightest idea there would be a Trump presidency.

Is there any wonder that Donald Trump considers the media an opposition party?

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