Even a broken clock is right every now and then.

Similarly, even the New York Times – whose editorial staff, in my judgment, is so often wrong, can get things right every now and then.

Today\’s lead editorial on the Ukraine is a case in point.  You can read it by clicking here.  But I\’ll give you a taste below:

The venal president of Ukraine is on the run and the bloodshed has stopped, but it is far too early to celebrate or to claim that the West has “won” or that Russia has “lost.” One incontrovertible lesson from the events in Kiev, Ukraine\’s capital, is that the deeply divided country will have to contend with dangerous problems that could reverberate beyond its borders.

This is not the time for saber-rattling. The right move for the United States and the European Union is to make clear to the Ukrainians – in the Russian-oriented east and the fiercely anti-Russian west – that substantial financial assistance is forthcoming if they form a credible government of national unity and agree to a package of reforms.

And the Western powers will need to make efforts to include Russia in the transition, both to prevent the Kremlin from undermining any rescue plan and to reassure Russian-speaking Ukrainians that the West is not promoting a government dominated by nationalists.

This is a decisive moment for President Vladimir Putin of Russia. He, like many of his countrymen, cannot fully accept that Ukraine is a separate nation, and no doubt Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev was speaking for the Kremlin when he questioned the legitimacy of a government installed by what he called “armed mutiny.”

Mr. Putin has also made a habit, perhaps acquired in the K.G.B., of spotting Western conspiracies behind all challenges to his will. But after gambling on Mr. Yanukovych, Mr. Putin must understand that Russia cannot prevent the next Ukrainian leader from signing an association agreement with the European Union, and that actively working to break up Ukraine would risk civil war.

Well thought out, well written and sensible. These are not adjectives I use very often for the Times\’ editorial board. But today\’s the day.

Good job, guys. I wonder when I\’ll be able to say that again…..

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