The following letter was sent to Emily W. Murphy at the General Services Administration (GSA) and signed by 16 congresspeople – all Republican.

It concerns Citibank, and the restrictions it has taken upon itself to require from customers.

See what you think:


Dear Administrator Murphy:

In 2017, the General Services  administration (GSA) awarded Citibank a contract of more than $700 billion to partially implement the federal charge card program, SmartPay3. Because of Citibank’s new guidelines targeting customers wishing to exercise their legal Second Amendment rights, we urge you to cancel Citibank’s participation in the SmartPay 3 contract, and award it to a company that does not unfairly restrict a customer’s constitutional rights.

Citibank’s new guidelines penalizes clients who do not align their sales policies to match the lender’s  restrictive new commercial firearms policy. Under their March 22 guidelines, Citibank’s customers will have to meet restrictions that go far beyond federal requirements, including background checks and age restrictions for buyers and would pressure sellers to take high-capacity magazines and other accessories off their shelves. These restrictions run counter to laws and regulations passed by Congress, and they infringe and discriminate against an individual’s Second Amendment rights .

This flagrant attempt to undermine our fundamental rights by caving to radicals should not be endorsed by our federal government. The federal government should instead do business with companies that respect all of our constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment.GSA should take all necessary steps to review and terminate its contract with Citibank unless they rescind their guidelines, and rebid the SmartPay 3 contract.



Do these congresspeople have a point?

And, if they do, is this a reasonable means of making their point – i.e.  punishing Citibank, and presumably other companies, which make such demands of their clientele?

Your call.

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