Tell you what: since the previous blog was so uplifting, let me continue with one more (before returning to the muck and mire of politics).

Last night, after spending hours with our transcendentally beautiful grandchildren, our sons and daughter-in-law took us out for my birthday (which was February 18th.  I won\’t tell you how old I am now, but I\’ll give you a hint: as of that date it is a pretty good bet that I have become divisible by 34 for the last time in my life). 

Restaurant-wise, since family means more to me than anything, I wouldn\’t have cared if they took us out to the local diner (yeah, that\’s the kind of self-effacing BS people say all the time for effect, but anyone who knows me knows I really mean it).  That said, however, the one they picked – Fascino, in Montclair NJ – was absolutely great – food, service, everything.  If this is not the single best restaurant we have been to in New Jersey, it certainly is in the top three.  And to make things even better, it is BYOB, which means we did not get soaked for the often-unconscionable cost of wine some places charge.

I strongly recommend dining at Fascino…..but even more strongly recommend spending quality time with family. 

We\’re the luckiest people in the world, because yesterday we did both.

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