I have a few questions for the Obama administration about the illegal aliens who are flooding across our borders – and it would be nice if members of our mainstream media answered them too:

-We have been told incessantly that the illegal aliens are “children”.  What exactly is the definition of children?  Does that mean pre-teen?  Early teen?  Late teen?  What?

-Once you provide the definition of “children”, can you tell us what percentage of the illegals fit your definition?  Because it looks like one hell of a lot of adults –  mostly women, but men too – are coming along with them.

-How many illegals are gang members?  And how do you know the answer to this question?  I have read reports that gang graffiti is being written on the walls of at least one or two holding facilities, maybe more of them:  is that true?  Who would be writing gang graffiti other than gang members?  What do the graffiti say?  Are they threats?  Recruiting messages?

-What vetting process is being used to say “Ok, you can stay in the USA, so here\’s your bus or plane ticket to some city far from the border”?   How do we know the illegals getting those tickets are not gang members?  Drug runners?  Rapists?  Murderers?  Terrorists?  Do we have even the slightest clue of what their backgrounds are?

-What kind of physical examinations are illegals being given?  Thorough ones?  Define thorough.  Do we know if we are re-introducing scabies, tuberculosis, and a raft of other diseases which largely were gone from the USA until now?

-How are illegals going to be deported, once they are sent away from the border?  Who is going to check on them?  Why would anyone believe they will voluntarily present themselves for repatriation to their home countries?

Those are just a few of the questions I have – believe me, there are more.

I will now officially grow old waiting for an answer to any of them.

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