Providing “classified intelligence” to the Russian foreign minister:

Q: Did he provide such information?

A: We do not know.

Q: Who says he did?

A:  An unnamed source.  In other words, we don’t know.

Q: If he did provide classified intelligence, is it an impeachable offense?

A:   No.  It is not an impeachable offense or any other kind of offense.  Legally, the President of the United States has the power to unclassify intelligence at will.

Q: If Israel is the country which provided the intelligence, how does it feel about this?

A: At least publicly, Israel made clear that it has no problem at all with what allegedly was provided.

Q: If finding out that Israel is the country involved is so damaging, why did the New York Times report it?

A: Because the New York Times, based on its actions, does not give a damn about damaging intelligence becoming public knowledge…as long as it might take down Donald Trump.

The Michael Flynn “obstruction of justice” memo:

Q: What did Trump say?

A: Reports, so far, indicate when Flynn’s investigation was discussed he asked if Comey could “let it go”.  There is no indication that he demanded Comy do so, and no indication that he threatened Comey with any consequences if he refused.

Q: If this was so egregious that it constituted obstruction of justice, why didn’t Comey go public with it in Febuary, when the meeting took place?

A: The only two logical answers are that Comey didn’t consider it anything but an offhanded comment at the time, or that Comey considered it an attempt at obstruction of justice but buried it anyway.  The first possibility makes this entire issue meaningless and the second is an indictment of Comey.

Q: Did Trump fire Comey because he wouldn’t give Michael Flynn a pass?

A: No.  The proof is that Flynn was fired instead, and Comey remained in place for months afterwards.

Q: If Comey has a memo about this, isn’t it likely he has one or more of them about other events the FBI would be looking into, like Hillary Clinton’s emails and the meeting then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had with Ms. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton?

A:  No one knows.  But if he writes memos, he writes memos.  And if they exist, why has he not made any of them public? Is it because he is confident media will operate as if the rules apply on only one side of the political aisle?

Feel free to tell me what I’m getting wrong about any of this, and/or what thoughts you might have on either subject.

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