Today’s idiot is Joy Reid, the beyond-left lefitst who is a mainstay on (where else?) MSNBC.

As you are probably aware, President Trump has decided to rescind most of the ridiculously one-sided deal President Obama cut with Cuba.  He is also demanding that unrepentant cop-killer joanne chesimard, who escaped from jail and was happily granted asylum by fidel castro, be returned and put back in jail where she belongs – which President Obama didn’t bother to ask for when he was busy giving away the store to fidel’s brother Raul.

This is What Reid tweeted about it:

“Trump name checks Assata Shakur (calls her by her former name, Joanne Chesimard) as a dog whistle to his people. #Trumping Cuba”

Putting a convicted murderer back in jail is a “dog whistle to his people”?

What would reid like for chesimard?  An effing confetti parade down 5th Avenue?


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