Tomorrow night President Trump will be making a speech to congress.  And Democrats are ready to make it as negative an experience as possible.

How?  Here’s your answer, via Emily Zanotti’s article at

Although President Donald Trump won’t be giving a formal State of the Union address Tuesday night (he’s only been in office a month), Democrats are still planning on making his address to a joint session of Congress as uncomfortable as possible.

Each legislator is allowed a handful of tickets for the public gallery, so that interested constituents and guests can be present for what is typically the President’s most important speech of the year. Most often, those tickets go to hometown heroes from the legislator’s respective districts, people who have made the news over the past year, or those who have benefitted from the administration’s policy agenda.

This year, Democrats will be using their tickets as part of an organized effort to invite the families of illegal immigrants, DREAMers protected by former President Obama’s executive orders on immigration, and Muslim-Americans they claim will be harmed by Trump’s temporary travel ban. (A court has stayed Trump’s travel ban.)

Does the Democrat Party have a learning disability? Or is its leadership just plain dumb?

What does it take for them to understand that this kind of stuff is backfiring?  That enough people have had their fill of this kind of gotcha politics and are turned off by it, to make this kind of garbage a losing proposition?  How many elections does it have to lose before that reality penetrates?

And, ironically, who will it hurt?  Not Donald Trump.  He will use any negative disruptions/outbursts by people planted in the audience, to “prove” that Democrats are not interested in anything but complaining and protesting – which will resonate with a large, and growing, segment of the population.

Mr. Trump, who plays media like a Stradivarius, will use it as cover.  And the sure-to-follow media reports on how aggrieved the audience plants are will almost certainly supersede criticism of his message, regardless of how reasonable that criticism is.

I used to think of Republicans as the party of political tone-deafness.  Things have certainly changed.


  • Can’t recall Trump being shouted down by an astroturf audience.
    It will be interesting to see what he does in this case.

    Since it is a media event – the physically present audience is not who he is trying to influence – maybe Trump has arranged for microphones to primarily pick up HIS words and to suppress the heckling.

    Also, emphasize that the speech is to advise Congress of needed legislation, develop plans for “the people’s business” [ h/t Willie Clinton ], and a Constitutional mandate.

    “He [ the President ] shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” Article II, Section 3, Clause 1.

    • Sorry Zeke Dems don’t use that document to govern anymore, they use Rules for Radicals and their feelings now.

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