Dick Morris was, at one time, a Clinton confidant of the first order – recognized as the architect of Bill Clinton’s “triangulation” strategy which probably won him the White House in 1992.

These days, there is no love lost between Mr. Morris and either Bill or Hillary Clinton – as seen by the following excerpt from an article written by Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann:

Why aren’t the House Intelligence and Senate Judiciary Committees forcing Hillary Clinton to testify about the fraudulent anti-Donald Trump dossier that her campaign commissioned and paid for and her cronies recklessly peddled to the media and the FBI? We need to hear from Hillary — in public and under oath.


Because Hillary is the one person who knows all of the sordid details about the creation and dissemination of the devious document intended to humiliate Donald Trump and derail his election.

It was Hillary’s scheme — she owns it.

Let’s face it: The phony anti-Trump dossier was no less an attempt to intervene and improperly influence our presidential election than the Russian hacking.

And Hillary was behind it — every single road leads to her.

Do Mr. Morris and Ms. McGann have a point?  Does what they say make sense?

In two words, yes and yes.

If we are worried about collusion between foreign nationals and a political campaign to influence a presidential election – with special concern about Russian collusion – this is dead center.  Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier, is a foreign national, and virtually all the accusations it contained – unverified and unevidenced to this day – came from Russian nationals.

So where are our supposedly neutral media, in demanding that this be fully investigated – for exactly the same reasons they demanded that the alleged Trump collusion be investigated?

The fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election and is not President – the argument advanced by Democrats to shield her from being investigated – is irrelevant to whether the collusion took place.

Nothing in the law says that if collusion doesn’t work, no crime was committed.  If robbers break into your house and are apprehended before they successfully steal anything, they aren’t given a free pass; they are still guilty of breaking into your house.  If someone shoots a gun at you and misses, the legal reaction is not a goodbye wave as you go home. It is a charge of attempted murder.

It is long past time for Hillary Clinton and the people around her (the names Podesta and Mook immediately come to mind) to answer for their actions.

It is also long past time for our media to stop acting like an adjunct of the Clinton campaign and demand that this happen ASAP.

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