Today Chris Christie launched his campaign to become the Republican\’s 2016 presidential nominee.

According to Scott Whitlock, writing for newsbusters.org:

ABC\’s Good Morning America on Tuesday used Chris Christie\’s presidential announcement as an opportunity to remind viewers just how unpopular the Republican looks. Yet, co-anchor George Stephanopoulos and guest Matt Dowd ignored the fact that Christie was ultimately cleared for Bridgegate, the main reason for his faltering polling. CBS and NBC mentioned the scandal, but not the clearing of the governor.

An analysis by the Media Research Center found that in the first 48 hours of Bridgegate, the networks generated a staggering 88 minutes of coverage. However,

While the broadcast networks trumpeted Bridgegate in January, they offered a mere 48 seconds of coverage in December to the news that a Democratic-led investigation had failed to find evidence conclusively linking Governor Christie to the 2013 traffic jam: 15 seconds on CBS, 16 seconds on ABC and 17 seconds on NBC.

That is what Chris Christie is up against.

And these are the “journalists” who bristle when people call them biased.

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