Today is not a good news day.  But, given what there is to blog about, I thought I would start things off with a smile – before we get into the other stuff.

In the last couple of days, two gaffes – one by a TV show host and the other by a major newspaper, managed to get a spontaneous laugh out of me.  Maybe you\’ll get a laugh out of them too.

The first is from al sharpton – who is alternatively laughable and execrable.  This time it was laughable.  He was doing a segment on Breast Cancer Awareness Month (no, breast cancer is not funny – only sharpton\’s gaffe).  But, in announcing it, he managed to leave out the word “cancer”.   His exact words?  “Today kicked off national breast awareness month”.

Want to see/hear it for yourself?  Ok:

I don\’t know about you, al, but when I was growing up, breast awareness was not a monthly thing – it was pretty much second by second.  And even now, at age 68, it ain\’t that far from the top of the list.  But I don\’t begrudge you your mistake.  Only a boob would do that.

The other gaffe comes to us from the (sometimes) venerable New York Times.  In reporting on the Hong Kong protests, it mentioned that Honk Kong\’s “chief executive” (whatever that is) offered to talk to the protesters…with these words: 

…the chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, who was anointed by Beijing tolead Hong Kong two years ago, said…


What did the folks in Beijing do?  Smear oil on him? 

Though I could be wrong, I sort of suspect the Times meant “appointed”.  But at least it gave me a chance to type “Beijing” – the only place, or word, I can think of offhand which has three consecutive letters requiring a dot.  I suppose that counts for something.

Anyway, there are the gaffes.  Now, sorry to say, on to the real news – which, though equally gaffe-prone, is not funny at all.

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