I respect Tucker Carlson as an excellent cable show host who is extremely sharp and quick-witted when interviewing guests – especially guests he disagrees with.

But Carlson’s treatment of Qasim Rashid, an Ahmadiyya Muslim whom he debated on the limits of free speech in Europe, was disgraceful.

Forget whether Carlson was on the right or wrong side of this issue (FYI I agree with his side):  you don’t “win” an argument by constantly cutting off the other person in mid-sentence and then flat-out shutting him down at the end (which Carlson’s dailycaller.com, was nice enough to leave out of the video it posted, which is shown below):

I expect this kind of “interview” from some people on cable news shows.  I don’t expect it from Tucker Carlson.  It was exactly the kind of BS “journalism” I so often rail about here.

Tucker Calson owes Mr. Rashid – and his viewers – an apology.

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