During his wild and woolly press conference today, President Trump mentioned that the latest Rasmussen poll shows his approval rating at 55%.

Once the press conference was over, several media people pointed out that other polls show Trump at much lower levels.   Gallup, for example, has him at, I believe, 39%.

This, presumably, was supposed to show us how little trust the country has in Mr. Trump.

Well, since media have brought up Trump’s Gallup poll, I thought you might like to see how they fare in Gallup polling.

Americans' Trust in the Mass Media

I have a question for the media folks reminding us of Gallup polling:  If 39% shows the country does not trust President Trump, what does 32% say about the country’s trust in media – i.e. them.

I’ll wait for these same people to answer.

I have a feeling it is going to be one helluva long wait.

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