I just read an article at the far-left website, which attacked Donald Trump for the wording of a holocaust remembrance statement.

I’m not kidding.  Click here and see for yourself.

The reason?  Because it did not specifically mention Jews.

Here is the White House statement:

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

Is that a problem to you?  Because – and I say this as a Jew who cares deeply about my fellow Jews and what has befallen us over the centuries – it isn’t to me.

But it certainly is to the hard leftists at  And they are far from alone.  The Washington Post, ever vigilant to find something it can nail President Trump on, made the same point.  I have no doubt there were many others as well.

The good news is that this has caused some of the regulars to suddenly give a damn about Jews.  Having read this website for years and, at one time, tried to reason with them in the “comments” section, I assure you that is something of an epiphany.

Other than that, is it anything more than another attempt to deligitimize Trump?  Not to me.

A point of order for Trump-haters:  the statement also does not mention the US Military, which was instrumental – make that imperative – to ending the holocaust.  Or the other Allies.

Do you think this means Donald Trump is an enemy of our armed forces too?  And of the British, whom we fought along side of?  Does Trump owe Prime Minister May an apology?

One more point:  the Trump-haters conveniently forget that the number of holocaust victims was not 6 million.  It was 11 million.  If Jews are going to be singled out as the victims, does that mean the other 5 million WEREN’T victims?  The Christians, homosexuals, Roma (gypsies), among others who were slaughtered by nazis don’t count?

The truth is that the White House statement was just fine.  And the Trump haters continue to wallow in the gutter.  End of story.


  • I went crooks and liars and typed in International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the search box.
    Guess what, the only story about International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a story about a woman lighting a candle. No mention of Jews.

    • Also the story Ken mentioned was there and another one caught my attention it was an attack on McCain for attacking Obama.

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