I’ll make this short and to the point.

Today, on April 2 of his second year in office, Rasmussen Research has President Trump at 50% approval (33% strongly approve) versus 49% disapproval (39% strongly disapprove).

On April 2 of his second year in office, Rasmussen Research had President Obama at 46% approval (31% strongly approve) versus 53% disapproval (41% strongly disapprove).

A fun idea for you:  the next time someone points out how badly President Trump is doing in the polls, you might ask that person how he/she thinks President Obama was doing at the same point in his presidency….and then lower the boom with these actual data, completely comparable since they are from the same source.

Let me know his/her reaction…

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  • Let me know his/her reaction…

    They left in a huff swearing to never talk to you again. Trump Derangement Syndrome turns facts into insults. The person will swear you attacked and insulted them.

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