Tim Kaine, currently the Democrat Senator from Virginia, is Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential running mate.

Mr. Kaine was on the stage with Ms. Clinton touting the Democrat Party’s position on the Hyde Amendment, currently in place, which bans federal funds for abortion – which is that it should be flat-out repealed.

But Kaine, who presents himself as a practicing Catholic, has always told voters he was in favor of the Hyde Amendment.

So which is it, Mr. Kaine?

He was asked about this on yesterday’s CNN “New Day” show by co-host Alisyn Camerota.  And here, from Christian Datoc’s article at dailycaller.com, is what happened:

“One more issue, Senator. The Hyde Amendment that bans taxpayer funding for abortion — for or against it?” host Alisyn Camerota posed.

Kaine responded that he has “been for the Hyde Amendment.”

“I haven’t changed my position on that,” he reiterated.

Camerota asked him a second time, “you’re still for the banning?”

“I have not changed my position on that,” Kaine repeated.

Kaine’s remarks come only days after joining Clinton in calling for a repeal of the amendment.


So what do you make of a Vice Presidential nominee turning on a dime and reversing himself on a key issue – or, as in Kaine’s place, not reversing himself at all, just taking  two completely opposite positions on the same issue, depending on which audience he is talking to?

What you make of it is exactly what you make of Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee, Mike Pence, reversing himself on issues – like the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and Muslim immigration, to name two.  And there are others as well.

VP candidates agree to support (in cases like these, be stuck with) the head of their ticket’s positions.  If they do not agree to do this they are not picked for the position.

I suggest we all remember this the next time we read or hear of either Mike Pence or Tim Kaine reversing themselves on this or that position, because of what Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are touting at their campaign rallies.

We may not like it (I know I don’t).  But that’s the way it is.

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  • A friend of mine has a mind reading machine that is hooked up to his TV. He tells me when politicians are asked questions the machine tells him the same thing for all of them. “I will say whatever will get me elected” 😉

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