Yesterday we saw the much-heralded new Martin Scorcese film, The Wolf Of Wall Street.

It was very entertaining – enough to keep me awake after a very long New Years’ Eve night, then morning.  And that wasn’t easy, believe me.

The acting?  Excellent. Leonardo DiCaprio (a favorite of Scorcese’s, not mine) gave the best performance I have seen from him.  And the young (23 year old) New Zealand actress, Margot Robbie, as his mistress-then-wife, was excellent too…apart from being absolutely drop-dead gorgeous with and without her clothes on (where were the girls who had no problem with frontal nudity when I was dating?)  And, of course, Jonah hill was excellent as well;  Hill, in my opinion, improves every movie he is in.

The movie itself was a fun ride, though it came across as very exaggerated…and was probably a half hour or so too long.

The excess of nudity (mostly, but not exclusively, female) was unnecessary.  But being the voyeuristic bum I am, I can’t say I disliked seeing dozens of beautiful naked women, usually engaged in sex acts (nothing explicit on the screen, but tons of suggestion).

And there was such an overwhelming amount of bad language that it got in the way of the story.

Not by any stretch a great movie…but, all told, worth seeing.

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