The State Of The Union speech was too long and too self-congratulatory, and had too many symbolic shout-outs to citizens guaranteed to get applause.  As it always seems to, regardless of who is President.

But the good news is that Mr. Trump had a lot to say and to be self-congratulatory about.  The economy is strong, with the wind at its back.  We have taken out a large component of the international terrorist threat (though it still very much exists), and our foreign policy actions, while hardly what you’d call standard-diplomatic, are bearing fruit.

John Hinderaker, at, goes into much more detail than I will in extolling the content and delivery of Mr. Trump’s speech.  You can read his (typically) excellent account by clicking here.

The single most striking moment, at least to me, was the Congressional Black Caucus’s reaction to President Trump’s reminder that Black unemployment is at its lowest percentage ever recorded.

Here it is:

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Tell me:  if you were a Black citizen, or any citizen of any color who cared about Black employment, would that study in sullen anger represent the way you feel about such positive news?

But if you were a politician who was rooting for the President to fail – which, presumably, would mean that Black unemployment was up, not down – would that be your reaction?

I hope every citizen, regardless of skin color, looks at that picture and recognizes what it says.


  • Republicans got all the video they need last night for the midterm election ads courtesy of the Democrats. Trump says something positive that everyone can agree is positive and then you show video of Dems sitting their stone faced. What could show voters that the D party doesn’t care for them or the country?

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