I can’t say I’m surprised that the so-called “skinny repeal” of ObamaCare – i.e. a “stripped down” version of repeal; sort of a half-way house that would keep much of ObamaCare in place while replacement legislation was created.

Nor can I say I’m surprised that Senator John McCain – whose erratic, often unexplainable behavior in recent years has become something of a trademark, reversed gears and voted against it. ¬†Nothing Mr. McCain does surprises me anymore.

And I especially can’t say I’m surprised that the defeat of this legislation is being blamed on Republicans, not Democrats – when 49 out of 52 Republicans voted for it while all 48 Democrats voted against.

Amazing, isn’t it? ¬†94% of Republicans vote to repeal, 0% of Democrats vote to repeal, and Republicans are blamed when it doesn’t happen.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think we have a biased medi…….oh, wait.

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