Today’s quote comes to us from Donny Deutsch, advertising agency owner and regular on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”.

On yesterday’s show, Mr. Deutsch – who is a hardline Democrat/hater of Republicans, imparted these nuggets about Donald Trump:

“I have known him for 20 years and I’ve spent hours and hours with him, everything from negotiating leases to at-school functions to hours and hours of interviewing him on my old show. He’s not the same guy. You can see it in his eyes and in his speech pattern, and most frighteningly his behavior. I think there’s something else happening here. If you’ve been around mental illness and whatnot, I think he’s feeling the noose around his neck tightening with Mueller.”

“So take a guy who is mentally unstable.  Now put a gun closer — metaphorically, closer and closer to his head, and I think that’s what you’re seeing this week. I think there’s a new level, and I think we’re going to see it heightened as these two stories are coming together. His mental health and the Russian inquiry are coming together and it’s going to crescendo in even more insane behavior.” 


Thank you, Dr. Deutch, for your psychoanalysis.  I’m sure professionals all over the world are blown away by your diagnosis, based on your long years as….an ad guy.

Oh, by the way, in case you are of the impression that you just read a neutral observation, here’s what Deutsch said about Trump in June:

First of all, he picked the wrong schoolyard to come into, I’m not an employee of MSNBC so I’m going to go thug here… He’s a vulgar pig. And I find what’s ironic is… when he goes low, I’m going to go low. You guys take the high road, I’m going to take the low road. He’s physically disgusting to look at. Thats what O find ironic about the way he starts to always go after other peoples’ physical attributes… He’s not mentally Okay. We have to start paying attention to look at. And, he’s disgusting to look at. Enough is enough with this disgusting vulgar man…

You are a pig, you are a bully, and you are doing disgusting things to this country.

Yep, there you ago. Neutrality personified.

I award Donny Deutsch Quote Of The Day “honors” for displaying the arrogance necessary to pretend that attacking and insulting a man he passionately hates is really just a neutral assessment of his current mental acuity.

Very credible, Donny.  Sort of like david duke giving his neutral assessment of Benjamin Netanyahu…

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  • This is a step in an orchestrated campaign to remove Trump using the 25th Amendment. The 25th provides for replacing the President when he cannot discharge his duties. The Vice President then becomes the Acting President.
    It was intended for periods of disability (accident, surgery), and can be invoked by a majority of the cabinet or by the President. It ends when the President advises heads of Congress (specifically Speaker of the House and President Pro Tempore of the Senate) that he is recovered.
    However, a vote of 2/3 of each House can override this, and install the Vice President as the country’s President.

    That last provision is what these scum are shooting for.

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