Today’s quote comes to us from Yamiche Alcindor, a national reporter for that paragon of neutrality, the New York Times.

Ms. Alcindor has a fascinating take on who President Trump calls for advice.  On tonight’s “Hardball” show, she told Chris Matthews:

“Who he actually pays attention to are all the people he calls up on the phone. Roger Ailes, all these other people that are just kind of out in the world, Steve Bannon…”

Roger Ailes?  Now that’s a long-distance call.

See, Roger Ailes died last May 18th.

I award Yamiche Alcindor Quote Of The Day “honors” for her expression of confidence in Mr. Trump’s ability to raise spirits from the beyond, using only a telephone.

Too bad Ailes wasn’t speaking with Eleanor Roosevelt when Trump called.  He could have asked her about what Hillary Clinton thinks too….

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