Today’s quote comes to us from a self-described pre-school teacher, speaking at a primarily Black-attended anti-Trump street protest in event in Seattle.

The unnamed, er, “lady” was kind enough to offer such deep, thought-provoking comments as:

“Fuck white supremacy.  Fuck the U.S. empire.  Fuck your imperialist ass lives. That shit gotta go.

“You know what America thrives off of?  Capitalism!  The use our motherfucking fucking black and brown bodies to live and survive while White people own fucking properties after that (?)…  

“…And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your fucking White House, your fucking Presidents, they must go! Fuck the White House.

“White people, give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, we need it fucking all.

“Pay the fuck up, pay the fuck up. It ain’t just your fucking time, its your fucking money, and now your fucking life is devoted to social change…”

“First off we must start killing the White House.  The White House must die.  Your fucking White House, your fucking President, they must go.  Fuck the White House and fuck….Donald Trump…”

She continues with maybe 75 – 100 more “fuck”, “fucking” and “shit” references before finishing.

In case you want to experience this oratorical display first-hand, here is the video:

Is this “woman” truly a pre-school teacher?  If so, what a wonderful role model to mold the minds of young, impressionable children.

Incidentally, the last words of the speaker who preceded her were “We will not support any discrimination.  Thank you”.  You’d think he therefore would be a tad unhappy with what she said.  But, at the end of the video he comes back, and not so much as one word of admonishment.

I award Quote Of The Day “honors” to this “lady” for showing us the depth of her philosophical prowess…

…and, on a serious note, showing us a prime example of the damage some Black people do to their own race.

One other thing:  though it is not apparent on the video, according to Justin Caruso’s article at, she is associated with #blacklivesmatter.

If that is so, maybe one or two “journalists” from among our wonderful “neutral” media might think about asking Hillary Clinton her opinion of those words…or to explain why she would ever have supported #blacklivesmatter for even one second.

Don’t count on it happening, though.  Expecting Hillary Clinton to answer for this would embarrass her.  And we can’t have Ms. Clinton embarrassed, can we?

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