Today’s quote – and it is a major gift to  Donald Trump – comes to us from Hillary Clinton.

After Libertarian candidate Garry Johnson made a fool of himself – again – by not being able to name a single world leader he admired (not because he didn’t admire any, but because he couldn’t think of any), here is what Hillary Clinton had to say regarding where her admiration goes:

“One of my favorites is Angela Merkel because I think she’s been an extraordinary, strong leader during difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country.”

“Her bravery in the face of the refugee crisis is something that I am impressed by.”

As you probably know, Angela Merkel’s status has changed from being a popular Chancellor of Germany to an albatross for her (Christian Democrat – CDU) party.   Her popularity is at a five year low and, because of her, DCU has gotten mashed in local elections.

The main reason for Ms. Merkel’s plummeting fortunes?  Her immigration policy, which has allowed hundreds of thousands of unvetted, “who are they, we don’t know” Muslims in to Germany, and is literally changing the character and culture of the country.

If USA voters are impressed with what Ms. Merkel has done and its affect on Germany, this will work very well for Hillary Clinton.  if they are not, it will work very well for Donald Trump.

Which do you think is more likely?

Hillary Clinton wins Quote Of The Day honors, for doing what mainstream media have happily tried not to do;  make her support of mass immigration of people from countries where terrorism is running rampant, without knowing a thing about whether they agree or disagree with its aims, a front-burner issue again.

Donald Trump owes Hillary Clinton a steak dinner for that quote….or she owes Trump one if he and his people cannot see the value of jumping all over it.

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