Ken Berwitz

Today\’s quote comes to us from Stacey Dash, the actress who, as a Black conservative, has been subjected to a years-long torrent of racist filth – which no so-called civil rights organization seems to have any problem with.

Here is what Ms. Dash has to say about Hollywood:

“Please,do not buy into the belief that Hollywood is inherently liberal. Itis the most capitalistic city on the planet. Okay? Regardless of itspolitics, it exists only to make money. Want proof? There are nomovies made in Hollywood. They make them in places like Georgia,Louisiana, North Carolina. Do you know why? Lower taxes. Hypocrites.” 

Stacey Dash wins Quote Of The Day honors not only for being 100% correct about Hollywood, but for using the same description – Hollywood hypocrites – I used a few days ago, when talking about how many people could have been fed, clothed and sheltered if George Clooney and his new (Israel-hating) wife had opted for, say, a Hollywood wedding, however lavish, instead of their star-studded $13,000,000 destination extravaganza in Venice.

Congratulations to you, Ms. Dash.  I\’m sure your honesty about Hollywood will do wonders for your career……

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