Ken Berwitz

Today\’s quote comes to us from a source I do not often use:  The Today Show\’s Matt Lauer.  

Here is what Mr. Lauer has to say about Donald Trump and his antics:

“Isn\’t the lunacy of this – if you look, Donald Trump says he\’s angry over that statement that Fox News putout a couple of days ago, he said, \’it sounded like it was written by a child\’ and it mocked him. This is Donald Trump, this is the guy who\’s run an entirecampaign on mocking people and using childish words like \’loser.\’ How does heget away it?” 

I don\’t know how he gets away with it any more than you do, Matt.  Donald Trump\’s act should by now, have run its course.  How many puerile pouting, nasty personal attacks and changes of opinion – usually because someone said something either good or bad about him – before it becomes a tired, stale, act?

I agree that people are starved for someone who sounds like he\’s saying what comes to mind rather than reading off a script prepared by his operatives, advisers and the findings of focus groups.  But this is so far beyond the pale that a Hillary rehearsed script actually sounds preferable by comparison (which is almost impossible).

Matt Lauer wins Quote Of The Day honors for wondering how this joke on legs gets away with it….just like I do.  

Let\’s hope the joke is just about over.

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