Today’s quote comes to us from that talented actor and great deepthinker, Sean Penn.

Here, from an event in Los Angeles where Penn is promoting his newly published book (his first was so bad even the usually leftward-friendly book reviewing crowd couldn’t fake it) is Mr. Penn’s very well thought out, highly nuanced view of next year’s presidential election:

“I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Donald Trump is going to win the presidency next time and that’s because I’m getting a sense that it’s going be an exponential jump in young people who are going to say, ‘No thanks.’”

Well, there you have it.  Call off the election and save all that unnecessary expense. Sean Penn has spoken.

Say, isn’t this the same Sean Penn who spent years extolling what a wonderful oasis of sanity and prosperity hugo chavez was creating in Venezuela?

Heck, with a track record like that, how can anyond doubt his prescience on the 2020 electoral outcome?

Sean Penn wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for his magnanimity in endowing us with his analysis of Mr. Trump’s chances – even before knowing whom Mr. Trump will be running against.

You don’t get sh…er, stuff like this everyday, y’know.

Oh, one other thing.  At the same event, this was Sean Penn’s evaluation of the critics who panned his first book and how they, uh, encouraged him to write another one:

“All of these pig-shit, asshole, envious [critics] who wrote their own autobiography in the criticism of what I did, and reading between the lines, it was the greatest affirmation of anything I’ve ever done,” Penn said. “They definitely, for a large degree, are responsible for me not continuing the laziness from the first book for so long, and definitely, definitely once I read those things I said, ‘I’m writing another one.’”

Wow.  Brilliance personified.

The ghost of Mortimer Adler must be looking worriedly over his shoulder…..


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