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Mr. Shaw’s latest commentary is about the disgrace that is Berkeley –  UC-Berkeley and the city itself – regarding Ann Coulter’s proposed talk there – which was:

-scheduled for this coming Thursday,

-then canceled by the school because the fascist brownshirts there were virtually certain to violently attack when it took place (no talk of protecting Ms. Coulter and the people coming to hear her from the fascist brownshirts,  or – gasp! arresting them, of course – this is Berkeley),

-after which there was an offer to reschedule Ms. Coulter’s talk…with the proviso that it be at a “protectable venue”, which almost certainly meant some out-of-the-way, limited-access venue instead of an easily accessible location of the kind where anyone at all on the left could speak freely.

Here is what Mr. Shaw has to say about it:

Before we get to the “burdensome conditions” in question, I wanted to remind everyone of what Allahpundit described as “the nuclear option” for Berkeley yesterday:

She was going to show up anyway and create a security clusterfark for them when the usual suspects inevitably started smashing windows. That was the nuclear option. Berkeley doesn’t care about bad press from the right; the fascist left wears that as a badge of honor. They don’t care about First Amendment lawsuits either. But if the town is going to burn on the 27th and they’re going to get sued by the victims for not having done more to provide security, then sure, they’ll spring into action and find a “protectable venue.”

With that in mind, there seem to be two chief objections to what Berkeley was offering as a compromise. First, the as-yet unknown venue probably wasn’t going to be big enough or accessible enough for the expected crowds. The bigger issue is that Berkeley was insisting that she finish speaking and begin clearing out of town by three in the afternoon. Their reason for that one is obvious; the rock and bottle hurling crowd of liberals are at least somewhat less likely to show up in broad daylight when they can more easily be identified, assuming the campus police ever decided to actually prosecute one of them. But they’ve taken to wearing hoods and masks for a lot of these attacks, so it’s tough to say how much that would actually slow them down.

From the other side of the coin, three in the afternoon is a time when a lot of people are still either in class or at work (if they have jobs) so attendance would likely be down. And on top of that, I don’t think we’re going entirely into tinfoil hat territory here to say that some of Coulter’s fed up supporters aren’t actually all that upset about the prospect of a fascist attack. In fact, some of them may be relishing the idea, simply for the chance to expose the tactics of the left for the world to see. (Assuming you could ever get CNN to run footage of it anyway.)

Jazz Shaw wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors for laying out so well what a fascist pigsty Berkeley has degenerated into.

Too bad it won’t change a thing.


  • imho, the optimal course for Coulter’s supporters is NOT to stage a My-Mob vs. Your-Mob confrontation with the brownshirts.

    Rather, have a VERY vocal and visible demonstration at the Bureaucrats’ (i.e. Chancellor’s, Deans’, etc) offices.

    Sort of a ‘Occupy Bloated Administration’ demonstration.

    • So you wouldn’t take a famous Presidents suggestion???
      “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,”

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