Today’s paragraph comes to us from an article written for Reuters by Leslie Wroughton and Yegana Torbati:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday said Israel’s building of settlements on occupied land was jeopardizing Middle East peace, voicing unusually frank frustration with America’s longtime ally weeks before he is due to leave office.

Just when you thought Middle East dialogue could not get more insane, we get this.

Palestinian Arabs refusing every peace offer, including virtually every piece of land it claimed to be asking for and sharing Jerusalem being refused outright?  That wasn’t the problem.

The hamas charter, and fatah’s “unity agreement” putting itself on board with the charter, which calls for obliterating Israel and killing all Jews – not just in Israel but everywhere else as well?  That wasn’t the problem.

The teaching of Palestinian Arab children to hate from the moment they are educable?  That’s not the problem

The summer camps where Palestinian Arab boys are taught how to be jihadists, and that the greatest glory they can have is if they die killing other Jews?  That’s not the problem.

Nope.  Israel building settlements on non-sovereign land – let me say that again:  NON-SOVEREIGN LAND – instead of reserving it for the Palestinian Arabs who spent the last 49 years rejecting every offer of that land.  That’s the problem.

I award Wroughton and Tebati Paragraphs Of The Day honors, for showing us something that, I would have hoped, most of us already knew.  That John Kerry is a useless loser who makes no sense at all.

And, if you ask me, always has been.

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