Venezuela has turned into the Western Hemisphere’s North Korea.  It is making even Haiti look good by comparison.

And now we have a report from the New York Times on how devastating this has been…

…for Brazil.

I kid you not.  The story’s focus is not on the impossible hellhole that hugo chavez, and now nicolas maduro, has made Venezuela.  It is on the hardships faced by Brazil in taking in thousands of people who desperately flee Venezuela each day.

The first paragraph of the article…

The tens of thousands of Venezuelans who have found refuge in Brazil in recent years are walking proof of a worsening humanitarian crisis that their government claims does not exist.

…is the last paragraph that suggests the Venezuelan government has anything to do with this.

Yes, there is story after story about how terrible things are there, as the reason a mass exodus into Brazil (and other neighboring countries) is taking place.

But ascribing blame to nicolas maduro or the fact that he has essentially ended what little democracy chavez left the country and instituted a largely socialist government?  Nah, not worth going into.  Not important enough, apparently.

See, if you talk about why this is happening, you have to explain why you have not been fully covering the astounding descent of Venezuela from, arguably, South America’s most prosperous country to a living nightmare.  And why the UN – those nice folks who can barely let a week go by without condemning Israel – has said and done next to nothing about it.

So, instead, the Times talks about the horror show Brazil is enduring because of what is happening in Venezuela, without talking about what is happening in Venezuela.

Journalism, 2018:  New York Times-style.

On the other hand, at least the Times is talking about it in some context.  That’s more than most other media venues are doing.

Let me end with a little assignment for anyone who wants to take it:  see how many stories have been written about stormy daniels this past month, and compare it to how many have been written about the country of Venezuela this past year.  Let me know what you find out.

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