Today’s New York Post has an editorial on Debbie Wasserman Schultz – specifically, her involvement with the awan scandal – that every citizen should read.

Here are a few excerpts, which I post with the fervent hope you use this link to read the rest:

Only someone as brazenly arrogant as Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz could claim her own irresponsible behavior as a civic virtue.

The former Democratic Party chair insists she “did the right thing” by not firing an IT aide after being warned he was under criminal investigation, “and I would do it again.”

Not only did she stand by Imran Awan, she tried to stonewall Capitol Hill investigators and even threatened them with “consequences” if they didn’t back off.

She kept him on the payroll, even after smashed hard drives were found at his home and after Awan’s wife — also on Congress’ payroll, with four other relatives — fled the country with their three young daughters, whom she’d suddenly pulled out of school.

Court documents also accuse the Awan family cabal of bankruptcy fraud, life insurance fraud, tax fraud and extortion.

And they likely had access to the accounts of members of the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees, and so to classified information.

It’s bad enough that she willingly turned a blind eye to a potential national-security scandal. She shouldn’t pretend she did so to protect the Constitution.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in recent years, has gone from being a standard-issue left wing Democrat, to being an arrogant, insulting one, to her appointment as DNC chair, which she then had to resign in disgrace after being instrumental in fixing the primary system to nominate Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  And now this, which dwarfs them all.

I would like to thank the New York Post for doing what most media have not done so far:  shined the light of day not only on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s involvement in this scandal but on the scandal itself – which most mainstream media still will not even mention at all, let alone report on who is most deeply involved.

It is long, long past time the public was made aware of this huge – and growing – scandal.  Long past time for mainstream media to act like they still remember what journaistic integrity is.

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