Did you know that Russia, not content with hacking into our election and giving Donald Trump a win over Hillary Clinton, has also hacked into our power grid?

Me neither.  But that has been the claim for days.  It was first put out in a breathless article at the Washington Post.  Then it flew all over the news – despite there being even less definitive evidence than the election-hacking claim.

Only now, after the supposed hack attack has been indelibly etched into as many minds as possible, did we get a correction from the Post… and articles like Justin Sink’s  at Bloomberg News:

Computer code connected to Russian cyberattacks by U.S. intelligence agencies has been found in a laptop computer at a Vermont electric utility, a development that emerged a day after the Obama administration hit Russia with sanctions for hacking during this year’s U.S. election.

The laptop wasn’t connected to the power grid at the time, the Burlington Electric Department said in a statement on Friday. It said it scanned its computer network and found the malware after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security sent out an alert about the code to owners and operators of critical infrastructure.

In other words, the great “hacking” escapade we heard about consists of malware on a single laptop computer, that was not connected to an electric grid in Vermont (neither is the one I’m using nor, I am pretty confident the one you are using as well).

It’s a wonder there’s any functioning electricity in the United States (yes, I’m being sarcastic again).

Was this a real story?

Well, if you’re building a narrative – that Hillary didn’t really lose, Russia handed the country over to Trump – it is; at least for enough time to put it in the voters’ minds.

Anyone still wondering why fewer and fewer people trust mainstream media?


  • Hacking ? Hacking ?

    The Ruskies were responsible for Hillary’s HACKING COUGH ?

    Was there ANY Proof – – – or even reasonable suspicion ?
    Was there any example of what this HACKING might have accomplished?

    I can assure you that no one named Ivan, Boris or Natasha tried to get me to vote for Donald, Bernie or Jill-the-Greenie.

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