Katie Glueck, of, has written for an article – which assures us that “Democratic insiders” (unnamed, of course) are thrilled about the prospect that Hillary Clinton will testify before congress on Benghazi, because they expect that she will put on a bravura performance and Republicans will look bad by overplaying their hand.

My congratulations to Ms. Glueck for producing the single most delusionary article of the year so far.

Regardless of what Republicans might do well or poorly, anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton will walk away with a big gold star and applause, from an investigation of Benghazi – where four of our people, without anything near enough security, were slaughtered by terrorists whom the administration based on emails uncovered from Clinton herself, knew were going to strike –  is living so deep inside deep inside a fantasy world that she probably thinks the Wicked Witch of the West was a loving philanthropist who doted on Dorothy.

I hope has something more than this kind of wet-kiss coverage of Ms. Clinton in the days to come. 

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