Today is the March For Life.

It’s no surprise that this march is taking place, because it has been held at the end of January for the past 40 or so years.  Nor will it be a surprise that it draws tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people.

And it is no surprise that mainstream coverage of this major event is virtually nil – or if it were given even a fraction of the publicity, almost all of it positive, that media gave the so-called “Woman’s March last week, its numbers would be appreciably higher.

Illustratively, the Today Show did a generic story on the March for Life today at about :19 after the hour – the first coverage of it I have seen from the show (if there was more, I missed it).  Now they can say “see, we covered it too”, but the reality is they did so only when it was too late for anyone to make plans and be there.

The New York Times?  Not one word about it.  Zero, zip, nada.  You can look at today’s paper until your eyes beg for mercy and not find one word.

Then they wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them.

One other thing:  given the name of last week’s march, I think it might be useful to point out that a great many women will be at today’s March for Life.  And that most polls show almost half of all women (40% or more) believe legal abortion should be either limited or nonexistent.

Does the left, and their accomplice media, still consider them women?  Or will they demand that these women turn in their vaginas?

Just asking.


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